lockdown 2.0 update
MHA issued revised guidelines on measures to be taken for containment of the deadly coronavirus

New rules for banks, ATMs and different financial segments during lockdown 2.0

Here comes as new rules for the second period of the lockdown, which will be basically till May 3.

“To moderate hardship to the general public, extra activities have been permitted which will become effective from 20t April. 2020.

The Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) gave overhauled rules on measures to be taken for regulation of the corona virus

On account of the financial related part, it has listed the activities that can stay functional

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) today gave measures to be taken for control of the dangerous coronavirus that has killed 380 and contaminated 11,450 individuals so far in India. It has resumed off a few activities that are denied. On account of the financial area, it has listed off the administrations that can stay be functional. The important segments of the financial sector, e.g., Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks, ATMs, capital and capital market as advised by SEBI and insurance organizations will likewise stay functional, as per order

Financial sector-That gonna to stay open

1) Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and RBI managed monetary markets and entity like NPCI, CCIL, Payement framework administrators and independent primary sellers

2) Bank offices and ATMs, IT merchants for banking activities. Banking Correspondents (BCs), ATM tasks and money management offices.

a) Bank offices be permitted to work in ordinary working hours till disbursal of DBT money transfer is finished.
b) Local organization to give satisfactory security work force at bank offices and BCs to keep up social separating peace and faltering of account holders.

3) SEBI and capital and debt market service as informed by the Securities and Excchange Board of India (SEBI)

4) Irdai and insurance organizations.

The changed rules won’t have any significant effect in control zones, as delineated by states, UTs and region administration.”If any new zone is included in containment zone, the exercises permitted around there will be suspended till the time it comes under the classification of regulation zone, as per the rules of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).”

Also get update on EMI moratorium

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